Breaded cutlet out of the oven

You know but also, this question "What is Your favorite this?" and "What is Your favorite that?". She gives it to almost everything, this question, and was also kind of is often the stumbling block for couples in any Quiz shows. If you had to independently name each other's favorite things of the other. Very amusing.

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Somehow it is answered but also the favorite questions, because there is always something Familiar and Beautiful resonates. What is it, for example, Your favorite song, Your favorite color, Your favorite actor and of course very, very important is Your favorite food? Sure You can answer all how from the gun shot.

In der Backblech-Variante gibt es keine Pfannenschlacht mehr -


Since I'm about eight years old, food is the answer to the question about my favorite unchanged: "Breaded Schnitzel with potato salad!". My absolute favorite food 🙂 . Here, I distinguish much between pork schnitzel, veal schnitzel, Turkey, or chicken cutlets. I like them all in their own way and find each taste of the meat has to love something for itself. Earlier, in our home, there were mainly pork, purchased from our village butcher, and today at the butcher of my confidence 😉 . According to the Textbook breaded Schnitzel fried in butter, floating in the pan, light to Golden brown. The professionals go jerking then with the pan, so the chips during frying get always fat and I love this preparation a lot.

Panierte Schnitzel aus dem Ofen -


However, the breaded cutlets out of the oven is also not from bad parents. Even for die-hard pulp Fans like me 😉 . It is a great option if you are for example not in the mood for hot fat on stove. Or, if you expect a lot of eaters at the table. The breading of the Schnitzel from the oven is identical with the pans-colleagues. The difference is that they are brushed with a Paprika-Oil, because the addition of flavor and makes a beautiful color. Then the chips come on a lined with parchment paper sheet and in the oven.

Panierte Schnitzel aus dem Ofen -

There are voices who claim that the Schnitzel from the oven to be a little drier than the breaded escalopes from the pan. My experience is that it is in fact, often 1-2 minutes, and of course on how thick the cutlets are, whether they are easy to dry. To me that's nothing. The preparation in the oven is a great Alternative to the traditionally prepared Schnitzel, and has a lot of advantages. However, I would want to the latter, however, never want to be without.

A wonderful matching side dish is my classic southern German potato salad or my potato gratin with herb cream cheese and Emmental. As a sauce I can show You my popular flash-Hollandaise recommend.

If You still have your Schnitzel from the pan, to then take a look at my easy recipe for crispy chicken schnitzel with the Crunchy Cornflakes breading over.

In der Backblech-Variante gibt es keine Pfannenschlacht mehr -

Breaded cutlet out of the oven

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TOTAL TIME40 minutes


  • Any amount of pork cutlets, veal cutlets or Turkey cutlets
  • 1 Egg for the breading of 2-3 cutlets
  • 10 g flour for the breading of 1 chips
  • 20 g of bread crumbs for the breading of 1 Schnitzel - like self-made or from bakers
  • 1-2 TBSP neutral vegetable oil for 1 chips - to Sprinkle (for example, rapeseed oil or sunflower oil)
  • 1 knife tip of paprika per chips - to Sprinkle
  • Salt and pepper - to Season the Schnitzel


  • As the first heats Your oven on.
    IMPORTANT TIP: If You only have 1 plate with chips have, I recommend You use top/bottom heat 220 degreesin 2 plates, with scavenger You should bake with 200 degrees take.
  • The cutlet according to taste flat and with salt and pepper seasoning.
    Breaded cutlet out of the oven
  • Then a standard road build-up from flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs and fry the cutlet and the breading easily pressing.
    Breaded cutlet out of the oven
  • The cutlets on a baking paper - lined baking sheet with the Oil-paprika mixture on both sides and sprinkle.
    IMPORTANT: The cutlets should not touch or even overlap.
    Breaded cutlet out of the oven
  • The baking sheet in the preheated oven type (in upper/lower heat to medium Rail) and the Schnitzel after 10-12 minutes once a turn.
  • The cooking time of the pork cutlet is about 20-23 minutes.
    The baking time of the veal schnitzel and Turkey schnitzel , however, only about 20 minutes.
    TIP: The preference for the optimal cooking point for scavenger meat is, in my experience, different. I recommend about 5 minutes before the expiration of the time for a Schnitzel once to broach and taste.
  • I wish You much fun Trying and a good appetite!
    Breaded cutlet out of the oven


Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.
Breaded cutlet out of the oven