The oven fillet of Salmon with horseradish cream Topping

For me, an integral part is a fillet of Salmon out of my diet, fortunately, for my men. I love not only its taste and its consistency but also its simplicity in the preparation. No matter what you do with him, he makes so many of the dishes, as a main or supporting actor. Very much like "crown" I also with different ingredients. So also in the case of my creation the oven fillet of Salmon with horseradish cream and bread crumbs Topping.

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Salmon, whether smoked or not good in combination with cream of horseradish, very tasty and, for me, is a classic. Especially one of my Breakfast highlights: smoked salmon on fresh bread rolls and creamy horseradish with a bit of fresh Dill on top. Because I could put myself in. Depending on the occasion and day a small glass of Prosecco projects to 😉 . Gorgeous.

Lachsfilet mit Sahnemeerrettich und Semmelbrösel Topping -


As a Topping on fresh salmon fillet cream sea makes radishes excellent, even if the Heating to the beginning of something "foreign" will appear. But horseradish, you take as well as a refinement in warm soups or sauces. You'll see, cream of the sea is in harmony radish as a oven dish it is delicious with the salmon fillet and the crumbs give a slightly crispy touch to it. The cream of horseradish, You should as described at least half a centimeter on the salmon filet top side of give. I've used less horseradish, but then he moved away to quickly and there was little "Dip" for the leaflet. Salmon fillet with cream horseradish, boiled potatoes or noodles to fit very well in Butter.

Lachsfilet mit Sahnemeerrettich und Semmelbrösel Topping -

I use to laugh admittedly fillet usually horseradish from the glass. Yes, I know, cream and horseradish to make your own is so incredibly easy. For my salmon with horseradish cream I wanted to save me this step, but, so it goes even faster. Of course, You can also use a freshly prepared cream horseradish for that, Which is, of course, the icing on the cake.

Frischfisch schmeckt am besten -


Whether fried, smoked, grilled or from the oven – I'm always excited by the versatility of the salmon fillets, and I'll be weary of it not. In addition, salmon is so healthy, because he fatty acids has a very high proportion of Omega-3 and important vitamins, such as Vitamin B6.

For a very long time I buy salmon or fillet of Salmon, by the way, either as a wild salmon from sustainable fish stocks or farmed salmon with an organic seal. Because I know that the animals are not held so tightly. In addition, they are fed with fish feed made from the by-catch of sustainable fisheries. This gives me a good feeling.

If You fancy another easy Salmon dish in addition to my oven fillet of Salmon with horseradish cream Topping you, here You can find my Asian salmon fillet with Wasabi and sesame seeds. In Pasta, it also tastes very delicious, a very popular recipe is my Pasta with salmon cream sauce in 25 minutes.


Ein leckeres Fischgericht aus der Pfanne mit leckerem Topping -

The oven fillet of Salmon with horseradish cream Topping

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TOTAL TIME30 minutes
SERVINGS4 people


  • 4 salmon fillets, each approx. 150-200 g - from sustainable fisheries
  • 1 glass of horseradish - approx. 135g e.g., chef, Thomy, Bold
  • 1-2 TBSP bread crumbs or Panko bread crumbs (Asian shelf supermarket) - per piece of filet
  • 40 g Butter, melted - 1-2 TBSP per fillet
  • Salt and pepper
  • Dill, fresh - ready to Serve


  • First heats the oven to 180 degrees top/bottom heat on.
  • Then the kitchen finished salmon fillets wash, dry, speckle , and salt and pepper seasoning.
    The oven fillet of Salmon with horseradish cream Topping
  • After You put Your salmon fillets in a lightly with Butter greased baking dish and sprinkle the top about 0.5 cm with the horseradish cream.
    NOTE: brush the Fillets with at least about 0.5 cm, horseradish cream, otherwise the cream, horseradish, and too much in the salmon, and You got a little "Dip" for the leaflet.
    The oven fillet of Salmon with horseradish cream Topping
  • Then You hand out depending on your preference on each salmon fillet 1-2 TBSP bread crumbs or the Panko breadcrumbs and beträufelst each salmon filet with 1-2 TBSP. of liquid Butter.
    The oven fillet of Salmon with horseradish cream Topping
  • Now in the oven on the middle rack for about 20 minutes to cook and for the last 2-5 minutes with the grill function for gratin is switched on so that the crumbs nice and lightly brown and gold brown are.
    I wish You a good appetite!
    The oven fillet of Salmon with horseradish cream Topping


Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.
The oven fillet of Salmon with horseradish cream Topping